Win It All!

I can't actually promise you will win it all, but I can help you greatly improve your odds. Whenever someone wins the lottery, the media assaults them and the question that gets asked most often is "do you have any advice?" or some variation like "do you have a secret?" There are certain answers that are shared overwhelmingly among prior lottery winners and appear to be universal. You're not guaranteed to win if you follow this advice, but you are almost guaranteed to lose if you don't. These are the classic tips for winning the lottery.

1. Always choose your own numbers. Don't simply rely on the quick pick. Choosing your own numbers allows you to fine tune your selection and week out the perennially losing numbers while maximizing the high performing ones instead. It would appear that every lottery winner demonizes the quick pick - almost as if it's designed to make you lose...

2. Do your due diligence. You need to do a lot of research on the history of the winning numbers. Whichever numbers you choose should be numbers with a proven track record. This can only be achieved through statistical analysis with tools such as those offered by LotteryMaster, which allow you to track and analyze number trends from the very first draw of each particular game offered.

3. Once you have your number sets play them until you win. Never get creative. Never play anything different. You've done your research, have faith in your efforts. Chances are you're playing with the best number combinations available to you.

4. Don't be cheap. The more tickets you buy, the better your odds of coming out a winner. It's usually not the guy with one ticket in his wallet who becomes a winner, it's the diligent player who buys a massive stack of tickets every week. You've seen them, walking out of kiosks holding dozens of lottery tickets. Each one of those is a potential winner, and the more you hold, the better your odds.

Keep at it, you never know when it will happen. All you need to know is that it will happen eventually if you stick to a routine and don't deviate from it. It might be tomorrow it might be in ten years, but eventually the winning ticket might come passing through your hands. The only question is if you will notice when it does.