Don't Fall For These Scams!

Playing the lottery is easy, but so is falling victim to lottery scams. These are a form of advance fee fraud. If you have ever received a letter or notice stating that some long lost aunt left you a fortune, but you have to pay something in advance in order to get the money, you know what this scam is about. Simply put, scammers ask you to pay up front in order to claim your money won.

In lottery scams, the same thing happens, only instead of some great aunt Maude who kicked the bucket you will be told that you have already won and all you have to do is pay a processing fee. Let me clue you in. If you didn't play the game then you didn't win the game. You have to own a ticket to claim the prize. Processing fees don't exist in the lottery world.

Good thing that there are reputable services such as LotteryMaster which allow you to safely own a lottery ticket to any lottery you like. Still, you will sometimes be the target of some unscrupulous scammer. If the fact escaped you, keep in mind these easy to remember tips to help you identify unreliable service or outright scams:

1. You will only win if you bought a ticket. Of course you don't have to be the one who bought it - a proxy is fine - but someone must have gone out to fill in the little numbers. There is no such thing as a random name drawing. If anyone tells you otherwise they're involved in a scam.

2. Did you buy a ticket and now you're being asked to pay a fee to collect your winnings? It's a scam and completely unrelated to the fact that you legitimately played the lottery. You're being preyed upon. Legit lotteries don't ask you to pay fees. They just take out the taxes from the prize before disbursing it. You wouldn't even know it happened.

3. If you're being solicited by email, pay attention to the email address it came from. is it from a legitimate lotto company URL? Or is it from some cheesy free email service like Yahoo! or Hotmail? If it's the latter, then you should tighten your spam settings because you're being targeted buy a bot.

There is one last form of lottery scam, which is even more insidious. Scammers will call people who know they didn't win anything, but accept the offer of money anyway. They the scammers threaten to expose the mark and report him or her to the authorities unless payoff money is paid.

Protect yourself by being smart and using a service like LotteryMaster, which will protect your identity