The primitive one - El Gordo de la Primitiva - the oldest continuously running lottery on earth. Anyone who plays this illustrious lottery with its weird name takes part of a tradition that spans the centuries all the way back to 1763. To put that into context, Italy as a country didn't exist at the time. And to further hit home the point, neither did the United States. This lottery predates not only most other state lottos, but many other states themselves as well.

To say the Spanish are nuts for La Primitiva is an understatement. They are absolutely bonkers for it. In a country such as Spain, with rampant unemployment, and facing imminent and certain economic collapse, a 32 million euro jackpot will bring out some base instincts that are sure to live up to the lottery's name.

Luckily, avoiding the masses is as easy as avoiding Spain in general. This poses a problem to those who still wish to play a round or two of La Primitiva and siphon even more money out of the Spanish economy in one fell swoop. Luckily for this devilish subset, there is a service called LotteryMaster, which allows them to do exactly that - play La Primitiva from anywhere at all and still legally claim their winnings (if they should win, that is).

It sounds like a strange concept, but it works and is becoming quite popular with the international community. It turns out that this "concierge service," as they're known, business model is perfectly legit because tickets are not tied to individuals until they are signed.

This means that you can hire someone, through the LotteryMaster service, to go buy your ticket in your place. The service takes a fee, but it's small potatoes. The ticket ends up in a lock box and awaits you to collect it in case you're the winner. LotteryMaster, being fully digital, knows whether of not you're the winner, and notifies you directly. The whole thing is really quite simple.

Don't be fooled, though, LotteryMaster might make playing the lotter simple, but winning the lottery is anything but. It's a privilege reserved for professional gamblers and those who know what they're doing. Don't fret if you're new to lotteries. It's never too late to learn.

La Primitiva is no exception. With prizes that exceed a million euros on a regular basis, it's a safe bet that they don't make it easy for you to wn this money. The lottery is built on a 6+1 scheme with a guess range of 49 numbers. To win it all you have to correctly select all six numbers. Getting five numbers plus the bonus nets you second place - still a highly coveted position.

There is also a special prize for the insanely lucky who correctly predict all six numbers plus the bonus.

Somehow La Primitiva thrives despite doling out one and a half billion US dollars every year. Probably thanks to the newly instituted (as of 2013) law that states that any win over 2,500 euros is subject to a 20% tax. If you're going to win, it's imperative you win it BIG.